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Zuisen-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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As the family temple of the head of the representatives of Kanto region of the Muromachi Shogunate, this temple is one of the 10 most important temples in the Kanto region, second only to the Kamakura’s five principle temples of Zen sect.
The temple’s Honorary mountain name, Kinpeizan, is said to be derived from the autumn colors that adorn the mountains surrounding the temple, which are as beautiful as a brocade covered folding screen.
In addition, a great variety of flowers can be enjoyed in the temple grounds throughout the four seasons.
The founding priest, Muso Kokushi, was an important priest of the Zen sect during the Kamakura and Nanbokucho periods(A.D.14th), responsible for the deep devotion of both the Emperor Godaigo and Ashikaga Takauji.
His talent as a garden designer is evident in the garden he developed to the rear of the temple, which was excavated and restored in 1970 and is specified as a national place of scenic beauty.


Zuisen-ji Temple Garden / Kamakura Kanagawa


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