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Yushima Tenmangu Shrine / Yushima Tokyo

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[Yushima Shrine]
Commonly known as the Yushima Tenjin, Yushima Shrine stands on a ridge above Kiridoshizaka slope.
The shrine is said to have been founded in 1355 and was afterward restored by Dokan Ohta in 1478.
The grounds are dotted with a large number of Japanese plum trees and commands a fine view of the streets below the east cliff.
It is well known that such literary scholars as Doshun Hayashi and Hakuseki Arai worshipped the shrine as the “Shrine of Literature.”
The plum trees at one time nearly withered, but the donation of hundreds of young trees by the local community has succeeded in retaining the fame of the shrine.
The annual “Ume-Matsuri,” the Plum Festival, in February through March still claims attention of the nation-wide plum admirers.



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