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Yoshimine-dera Temple

Name 善峯寺 / Yoshimine-dera Temple
Adress Oharano Oshiocho1372, Nishikyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 610-1133
Hours Open 8:00~17:00
Admission Adult   500 yen
University  500 yen
High school  300 yen
Junior high school  200 yen
Elementary school  200 yen

Yoshimine-dera (善峯寺) is a temple of the Tendai school of Buddhism in the western ward of Nishikyō-ku, in Kyoto. It is built on the western hills (Nishiyama) overlooking the city.

It was founded in 1029 by Gensan.

The main image is a statue of thousand-armed Kannon. Notable features include the “Gliding Dragon” pine tree (Yōryu no matsu, a natural monument), which was trained to grow horizontally and was once over 50 meters long, and a Tahōtō two-story pagoda (an Important Cultural Asset).

Yoshimine-dera is the twentieth temple on the Kansai Kannon Pilgrimage.


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