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Unryu-in Temple

Name 雲龍院 / Unryu-in Temple
Adress Sennyuji Yamanochicho36, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0977
Hours Open 9:00~16:30
Admission Adult   400 yen
University  400 yen
High school  400 yen
Junior high school  400 yen

Unryū-in (雲龍院) is a sub-temple of Sennyū-ji in Kyoto, Japan.
Founded in 1372, it was rebuilt after destruction in the Ōnin War.
The Hondō of 1646 (13.8m x 12.9m, irimoya-zukuri, shake roof) is an Important Cultural Property.
The Hōjō or abbot’s quarters also date from the Edo period.
A Kamakura period copy of the Lotus sutra has been designated an Important Cultural Property.


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