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Tsuginomiya Shrine / Urawa Saitama

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According to tradition, it is founded by approximately 2, 000 years ago by Sujin emperor of the royal command.
In certain literature, the name of this shrine is listed in the “Engishiki Gods Named Book” is a Code of Emperor Daigo has ordered the compilation in 905 years(middle of Heian period).
In addition, the name of the TSUKI , from where is the same reading as the moon, the rabbit, which was said to month of animal is the messenger of God, without the reverence in mystery with the medieval month wait faith (month, month ties with the spread of leaving the wait and pray faith), in the Edo era it seems was also called Tsukiyomi Shrine.
Even now the rabbit that was decorated in the rabbit of the stone statue and shrine sculpture, you have rabbit is arranged in places such as the rabbit of Ema.



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