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Todai-ji Temple Nigatsu-do

Name 東大寺二月堂 / Todai-ji Temple Nigatsu-do
Adress Zoshicho406-1 , Nara-shi, Nara 630-8211
Hours Open
Admission It's free around the stage

Nigatsu-dō (二月堂, “The Hall of the Second Month”) is one of the important structures of Tōdai-ji, a temple in Nara, Japan.
Nigatsu-dō is located to the east of the Great Buddha Hall, on the hillside of Mount Wakakusa.
It includes several other buildings in addition to the specific hall named Nigatsu-dō, thus comprising its own sub-complex within Tōdai-ji.

Although the hall was saved from civil wars in 1180 and 1567 in which the Great Buddha Hall was lost, it was burnt down during the Shuni-e service of 1667. The hall was rebuilt two years later.

The current main hall of Nigatsu-dō is a designated National Treasure. The hall holds two Kannons, a large one and a small one, although both of them are classified as Hibutsu (秘仏) – “secret Buddhas” – and therefore are not publicly shown.


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