Yushima Tenmangu Shrine / Yushima Tokyo

[Yushima Shrine] Commonly known as the Yushima Tenjin, Yushima Shrine stands on a ridge above Kiridoshizaka slope. The shrine is said to have been founded in 1355 and was afterward restored by Dokan Ohta in 1478. The grounds are dotted with a large number of Japanese plum trees and commands a fine view

Shinobazuike Benten-do / Ueno Tokyo

[BENTEN-DO] This Benten-Do was constructed by Mizunoya Katsutaka in the early 17th Century. He was a load of the present day Shimodate city, Ibaraki prefecture area. He made a man made island and made it a subsidiary of the Benten at the Hogon-ji temple on Chikubu Island in Lake Biwa(Shiga prefecture). At the time,

Ueno Toushougu Shrine / Ueno Tokyo

[Karamon(Chinese style gate)] The Karamon was built in 1651. Gold foil as well as hand carved flowers and birds ornately decorate the doors and both sides of the gate. Two dragons are carved on the gate pillars that stand on both sides of the Karamon. They are known as Noboriryu and Kudariryu, which means

Kanei-ji Temple / Ueno Tokyo

[UENO GREAT BUDDHA AND PAGODA] During the Edo period within the precincts of Kanei-ji temple.there was a great Buddha statue on top of hill in front of you. This site is known as “Daibutsu yama”(Great Buddha hill). In 1631,the first great Buddha was created by a feudal lord Hori Naoyori. Lord Hori governed the