Isonokami Jingu Shrine

Isonokami Shrine (石上神宮 Isonokami-jingū, also 石上布都御魂神社 Isonokami-futsu-no-mitama-jinja, 布留大明神 Furu-ōmyojin, etc) is a Shinto shrine located in the hills of Furu in Tenri (former Yamabe District) in Nara prefecture, Japan. It is one of the oldest extant Shinto shrines in Japan and has housed several significant artifacts. Isonokami shrine was highly regarded in

Chogaku-ji Temple

This ancient temple was built in the year 824 by the imperial decree of Emperor Junna and it was said to be opened as a Jinguji (shrine-temple) of the Oyamato Shrine by Kukai (the founder of Shingon Buddhism). The elegant bell tower gate is all that remains of the original construction

Oyamato Shrine

Ōyamato Shrine (大和神社 Ōyamato Jinja) is a Shinto shrine located in Tenri, Nara in Japan. The shrine became the object of Imperial patronage during the early Heian period. In 965, Emperor Murakami ordered that Imperial messengers were sent to report important events to the guardian kami of Japan. These heihaku were