Seki Shrine / Ouji Tokyo

Semimaru-kou, has devised the first "wig" and ordered to Furuya beauty of the maid for her sister suffering from reverse hair. Therefore, it is said that God of "hair", we are especially attracted faith from the hairdressing industry. Relating to the shrine, including the people of the barber industry, such as barber's

Shouzoku Inari Shrine / Ouji Tokyo

Shouzoku Inari Shrine, messenger in the Kanto eight of countries is, before you pray to Ouji Inari Shrine, has been handed down to the location change of clothes and costumes under the enoki that were in here. It is a lovely shrine with atmosphere. [wzslider]

Ouji Shrine / Ouji Tokyo

Ouji Shrine was founded by a warlord in the 14th century. It is located on top of a hill and is reached on climbing a few stone steps. Upon climbing the steps, on the left hand side there is a huge 20-meter high gingko tree. This tree, said to have been planted over

Ouji Inari Shrine / Ouji Tokyo

Ouji Inari Shrine is another important shrine located a short walk from Ouji Shrine. Dedicated to Inari, the god of rice harvest, it is one of the oldest shrines of the area. It is also considered the head Inari shrine of the eight provinces of Kanto. The Inari deity DaimyOujin is also said