Mimeguri Shrine / Oshiage Tokyo

This shrine was choosen by the great merchant family Mitsui when started operating in Tokyo. “Mimeguri” means “three times around”. It derves from a 1300s legend about a priest Genkei in West Japan who witnessed a magical white fox running around a recently unearthed sculpture of an old man mounted on a

Oshiage Tenso Shrine /Oshiage Tokyo

Oshiage Tenso shrine as Narihira-Bashi district of Oshiage oshinari, a shopping village widely collect the reverence of the people visiting. Despite the place just across the street from Asakusa, in a very quiet, now conveys nostalgic environment somewhere. You can spend a quiet moment touching history as an urban oasis, precincts,and shrine

Ushijima Shrine / Oshiage Tokyo

Ushijima shrine East Bank of the Sumida River,the originally adjacent to the Sumida Park of theMito Tokugawa residence mark, are enshrined. Under the black Crest Nightlight Ginkgo locationuntil the great Kanto earthquake of 1923. In 1932, moved to its current location. Before the Meiji period, were managed asintendant omote-machi "Gyuhouzan Meiou-in Saishou-ji Temple". In 1868, Shinto and Buddhism separation afterrevised ushijima shrine and "Ushi no gozen" ofcompanies. Former Honjo region along the Sumida River onland once called the "ushijima" is called ushijimashrine as the shrine. Depending on luck and 860 jikaku-Daishi by yourOracle "Susanoonomikoto" as aregional guardian co 1900th, after "Amenohohinomikoto" Festival,followed by region as well as if you were"Sadatokishinnounomikoto" wasenshrined. Could not have led large armies 1180 "Minamotono Yoritomo" according to historical and cross over into Musashi province from across the flooddue to heavy rains. And pray for "Tsunetane Chiba",could be across the army safely by the blessingsof the gods of the Minamoto no Yoritomo was in1181, DW a was donated by many jinryo. In 1538, in addition to "Onnara-in" than"Ushi Gozen-sha," with said given choku. In the Edo period, Shogun revered thick as ashrine of the demon's Gate guardian, especiallythird generation received land donations fromthe Tokugawa Shogun, Iemitsu, Eurostar nowFestival floats. The traditional oxcart Festival once every 5years, to a rich matrix circumambulation around town. This Festival is not uncommon today, black malebeef and cow and ox carts have.   Nade Ushi It is famous for “Nade Ushi” and stroking thesame wrong body parts heal that. [wzslider]