Reigan-ji Temple / Kiyosumishirakawa Tokyo

It located in the south of Onagi River, founding the Reigan priest. First, it has been built here in 1624 by landfill pioneered Reigan-to, catch fire in the fire of 1657, was rebuilt Dou in Fukagawa. Integral to existing was of Jizobo Seimoto Zoryu "Matsudaira Sadanobu tomb", "Edo Rokujizo" the temple. [wzslider]

Fukagawa Meishingu Shrine / Kiyosumishirakawa Tokyo

Fukagawa Shinmeigu Shrine is located in the oldest shrine of the founding in Fukagawa. Fukagawa Hachiro MigiEmon in Settsu Osaka is, was built in 1596 as the house of the guardian and pioneered the Fukagawa village in the vicinity of this. Tokugawa Ieyasu came to this village, because it was not, but

Fukagawa Inari Shrine / Kiyosumishirakawa Tokyo

Fukagawa Inari shrine, which is enshrined in Hoteison, the founding of 1630, in the Fukagawa district is the old founding shrine. Deity is, Uka-no-mitama, also known as Nishi-no-Ooinari. Old town name of this vicinity, but was called Fukagawa Nishidaiku , it was renamed the August 1, 1932 fining the town Fukagawa, was