Anaou-ji Temple

Anao-ji Temple is located in Kyoto and belongs to Tendai sect of Buddhist. It is said that nobleman Otomo no Komaro built the temple in 705. The temple consists of the main temple, designated as an Important Cultural Property of Kyoto and Taho Tower. The main image is a Seikannon wooden

Shinomura Hachimangu Shrine

Shinomura Hachiman Shrine is known as a place that Ashikaga Takauji was the raising an army of the Kamakura shogunate overthrow, is also specified in Kameoka City designated historic sites.

Kuwayama Shrine

In Kameoka basin was a lake ancient times, God has been pioneered by digging a Hozu as one of making the country. Jinja based on the legend that was piled up a hoe that was used to digging at that time to this place

Kokusho-ji Temple (Mitsuhide-dera)

Akechi is also referred to as "Mitsuhidetera" deeply concerned with the Mitsuhide, bellflower of the flower, which is also the family crest of Akechi house bloom in temple in the summer.