Kameido Tenjin-Shrine / Kameido Tokyo

Kameido Tenjin shrine is to kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo shrine (a Tenman-gu shrine). Enshrines Sugawara no michizane and is known as the God of learning. Environment filled with prospective students to dedicate the votive picture, especially in exam season in January and February, seeking michizane help. Dazaifu tenmangu shrine hit the headquarters long ago

Kameido Katori Shrine / Kameido Tokyo

Hidesato Tawaratouta when masakado rebellion, subjugation used in theshrine Katori shrine and prayed for victory. Turbulence can be pacified happily paid the bow and arrow as a thank you toGod, it was named Katsuya. A successive Emperor, as well as warriors, including Minamoto no Yoritomoand Tokugawa Ieyasu, as well as famous martial