Sensoku Inari Shrine / Iriya Tokyo

A shrine remembered in connection with Takekurabe, a novel by Higuchi Ichiyo, a woman Japanese author of the Meiji period. Shi is also famous as a portrait of a five thousand-yen bill. [wzslider]

Onoterusaki Shrine / Iriya Tokyo

[ONOTERUSAKI SHRINE] The Ono Terusaki Shrine is dedicated to Ono-no-Takamura who was a scholar of Chinese classics in the early years of the Heian Era. This shrine, which is located at Shinobugaoka, near Ueno Park (formerly known as Ueno Terusaki), was of ten visited by Ono-no-Takamura. He felt at peace here, and appreciated

Yoshiwara Shrine / Iriya Tokyo

[Monument in Memory of Hanano Yoshiwara] Yoshiwara was the only red-light district approved by the Edo government, and was set up in 1617 at what is now Nigyo-cho in Nihonbashi situated in Chuo-ku(Fukiya-cho Higashi-donari). The name of Yoshiwara is said to originate from the fact that the town was created by reclaiming