Enoshima Shrine / Enoshima Kanagawa

[ENOSHIMA-JINJA OKUTSUNOMIYA,SHRINE] The tree shrines(Hetsunomiya, Nakatsunomiya, and Okutsunomiya) in the Enoshima Island are generally grouped together and called Enoshima Shrine. Enoshimima Shirne enshrines three sister goddesses, Tagirihimenomikoto, Ichikishimahimenomikoto, and Tagitsuhimenomikoto the same as Munakata Shrine in Fukuoka. Okutsunomiya, which enshrines Tagirihimenomikoto used to be called Hongu Otabisho, the place where the Goddess resided

Kodama Shrine / Enoshima Kanagawa

Gentaro Kodama (1852-1906), who was the Viceroy of Taiwan and steered Japan to victory in the Russo-Japanese War, was established here in 1921, and people have prayed here for victories in battle ever since. This building was built of Hinoki (cypress), which was a gift from Taiwan. The Torii gate and Komainu