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Sugimoto-dera Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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This is the oldest temple in Kamakura. It is said that the priest Gyoki established the temple during the Nara Era(8th Century), 500 years before the rise of the Kamakura Shoganate.
Gyoki is known for his social works, including his support of the construction of Nara’s large Buddha and his care for the poor.
Later, the main building of this temple was built following a donation from the Empress Komyo.
The temple’s principle objects of worship are the three statues of the eleven-faced Goddess of Mercy, all of which are designated as Important National Cultural Properties and Kamakura Important Cultural Properties.
One of the statues is said to have been made by the priest Gyoki himself.
This temple is the first stop in the pilgrimage of the 33 places sacred to Kannon, in the Band area.
The temple’s festival day occurs on August 10th, when it is crowded with worshippers.



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