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Sugamo Sarutahiko Koushindou Temple / Sugamo Tokyo

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Sugamo Koshinzuka it flourished as a position of the Edo era Nakasendo, there is also a simple teahouse as a traveler of the rest area, had been also taking care of human feet and horses.
Appearance of them have been drawn busy in Edo Meisho Zue.

Here it is also close to the post station of Nakasendo Itabashi, if celebrating on the right flower of attractions “Asukayama”, Koshin tower, which also serves as a signpost of the prince road out to the prince of autumn leaves has stood.
Koshinzuka has been also drawn to ukiyo-e of Hiroshige.

Currently Sarutahiko are combined to Koshin-do.
Sarutahiko is the God that appeared in Japanese mythology.
From the tradition that was the directions people when he came down from heaven, has been identified with travelers’ guardian deity looks like the way of God, is the god of travelers.



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