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Shougin-ji Temple (Haunted Jizo) / Asakusa Tokyo

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[Obake(Bogy) Jizo]
Once upon a time, this area was within the premises of Sosen-ji Temple.
The bogy Jizo is located at a corner of the Sosen-ji Temple and initially it was called “baby-raising Jizo”.
But the Jizo, an image in stone, had a large hat and a large height of more than 3 meters.
So, some people said that the hat moved in direction, and then they used to call it obake (bogy) Jizo.
According to the foundation stone of the Jizo, it is recorded that the Jizo was built in 1721 and broken into two pieces after the Great Kanto Earthquake but it was repaired with the head portion replaced.



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