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Shinobazuike Benten-do / Ueno Tokyo

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This Benten-Do was constructed by Mizunoya Katsutaka in the early 17th Century.
He was a load of the present day Shimodate city, Ibaraki prefecture area.
He made a man made island and made it a subsidiary of the Benten at the Hogon-ji temple on Chikubu Island in Lake Biwa(Shiga prefecture).
At the time, it seems that crossings to the island were made by boat but a stone bridge was erected in the late 17th Century and since then it has been visited by many people.
The original hall and important Cultural Assets were destroyed by a US air raid in 1945.
It was rebuilt in 1958.
The ”Kin ryu(golden dragon)” on the ceiling of the hall is a work by the painter Kodama Kibo and the dragon on the ceiling of the water basin was painted by the famous early 19th Century artist Tani Buncho.



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