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Sensou-ji Temple / Asakusa Tokyo

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[Ni-Ou(opened mouth style & closed mouth style)]
This “Ni-Ou” was chiseled by sculptor Nishikido Shinkan in 1964.
The statue made of cypass is 5.45 meters high and almost 1000 kilograms in weight.
Being guardian deities for Senso-ji, they are set in the “Houzou-Mon”
[Hozo-mon Gate]
Hozo-mon Gate was built as a temple gate that also serves as storage of treasures for Senso-ji Temple.
It was constructed in 1964 with donated money by Ohtani Yonetaro.
The external appearance was designed in the style of the early Edo period.
It is a ferroconcrete gate, 21.7 meters in height, 21.1 meters in width and 8.2 meters in depth.
Two wooden Nio(Deva Kings) statues made by Nishikido Shinkan and Muraoka Kyusaku are installed on the left and right sides of the front on the lower level.
It is said that the gate was first built by Taira no Kimimasa in 942.
Since the Nio statues were enshrined, it has also been known as Nio-mon(Deva gate).
After its creation, it has been burned down and rebuilt several times.
The temple gate rebuilt in 1649 was a proud two-storied tower gate, which boasted a dignified appearance until it was burned down during air raids in 1945.
This pair of huge traditional straw sandals called ”O-Waraji” had been made by 800 citizens of Murayama City in amonth and devoted to Senso-ji Temple.
O-Waraji is made of straw and 2500 kilograms in weight,4.5 meters high.
They are the charm against evils because they are symbolic of the power of “Ni-Ou”.
Wishing for being goodwalers, many people will touch this “O-Waraji”.
[The Five-storied Pagoda]
This pagoda, founded in 942, was rebuilt by Tokugawa Iemitsu in 1648.
It burned in 1945 during Second World War and was reconstructed in 1973.
On that occasion, memorial tablets of devout believers who had passed away were placed in the pagoda’s foundation, and a bone relic of the Buddha presented by Sri Lanka was placed in the topmost storey of the pagoda.


Kaminarimon Gate Sanja-Matsuri / Asakusa Tokyo

Sensou-ji Temple / Asakusa Tokyo (Afternoon)


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