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Sekihou-ji Temple

Name 石峰寺 / Sekihou-ji Temple
Adress Fukakusa Sekihojiyamacho26, Fushimi-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 612-0883
Hours Open 3月~9月 9:00~17:00
10月~2月 9:00~16:00
Admission Adult   300 yen
University  300 yen
High school  300 yen
Junior high school  200 yen
Elementary school  200 yen

more than 30 people more discount

Sekiho-ji is also known as Hyakujozan and belongs to the Obaku sect.
It is said that Sengai Osho of Manpuku-ji founded the temple in the period 1704 – 1711.
Originally, the temple was big and had many shrines.
However, the temple lost most of the buildings due to repeated fires.
The present Hondo (main hall) was rebuilt in 1985.
There are the grave and Fudezuka (monument for a deceased writer or painter) of Jakuchu in the precincts of the temple.
There is an old well at a short distance from the front of the temple’s gate to west.
This well has been known for its excellent water for many years.
The water is called “Chawanko’s water,” and has been favorably used for Chanoyu(tea ceremonies).


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