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Sasuke Inari Shrine / Kamakura Kanagawa

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While in exile on the small island of Hirugakojima in Izu, Minamoto Yoritomo became ill and was visited by an old man in his dream.
The man introduced himself as Inari from a secluded village and urged Yoritomo to rise against the Taira clan.
Yoritomo later set up the Kamakura shogunate and built Inari Jinja Shrine on the site of a small shrine that he located in a secluded village.
In naming the new shrine, Yoritomo took the first character of his childhood name “Sukedono” and combined it with the character for “help” to from the word “Sasuke”, which literally means ”helping Yoritomo”.
An eleven-headed Kannon, a matchmaking deity, is enshrined at the entrance to the path leading up to the shrine.



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