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[Ogyo’ Pine]

A famous pine tree known from “Edo Meisyo Zue” and from Ukiyo-e by Ando Hiroshige, was loved by the people as the giant pine of Negishi.
The present pine tree is its third generation.
The first generation pine was estimated to be 13.63 meters high, 4.09 meters in circumference, and aged 350 when it was designated a natural monument in 1926.
Le was said that the tree could be seen from afar.
But due to natural disasters and a deteriorating environment, it withered and died in 1928 and was subsequently cut down in 1930.
The second generation tree was moved here from Ueno Junior high School grounds in 1956 but it also died.
The third generation tree was planted in 1976.
After Second World War, the roots from the first tree were dug up a preserved.
A statue of a Fudo(the central Buddha of Esoteric Buddhism) was carved out of it and it is now worshipped by the people of the Saio-in temple and Fudo worshippers.



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