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Raikou-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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Enshrined in the main temple building is the principal object of worship, the statue of the seated Amida Nyorai, and the statue of Jizo Bosatsu, said to have been made by the master Buddhist statue maker of the Nanbokucho period (A.D.14th), Takuma Joko.
This statue of Jizo Bosatsu was originally the principal object of worship at the Ho-onji Temple(a now abolished temple).
To one side of the principal object of worship is the Nyoirin Kannon Statue, which features a beautiful “Domon” crest.
“Domon” is a technique of decorating Buddhist statues that is unique to Kamakura.
Clay is kneaded into a pattern and then attached to the statue, resembling a relief.
They are said to ward off evil and to provide for easy births.



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