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Onoterusaki Shrine / Iriya Tokyo

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The Ono Terusaki Shrine is dedicated to Ono-no-Takamura who was a scholar of Chinese classics in the early years of the Heian Era.
This shrine, which is located at Shinobugaoka, near Ueno Park (formerly known as Ueno Terusaki), was of ten visited by Ono-no-Takamura.
He felt at peace here, and appreciated the landscape.
He visited to come here until his death in 852.
Afterwards in 1625, when the Kanei-ji Temple in Ueno was founded, the shrine was relocated to the present site.
The current building was established in 1866 at the end of the Edo era.
It survived the Great Earthquake of 1923 and escaped destruction during the Second World War.
Also in this shrine, there , is a miniature of Mt.Fuji, which was designated as an important tangible fork cultural asset.
On July1 of every year.
“Climbing” of the miniature Fuji takes place.



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