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Myouou-in Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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Myooin is a private prayer temple constructed by Fujiwara Yoritsune, the fourth shogun of the Kamakura shogunate.
Because it was constructed facing the Kimon of the shogunate, each of the principal Godai Myoo images was worshipped in the large main hall as a prayer temple to ward off evil influences. Because of this, the temple has been called as Godaido since early times. The Godai Myoo are Gozanze-myouo, Gndari-myoo, Daiitoku-myoo, Kongoyasha-myoo and Fudo-myoo. Myooin is the only temple in Kamakura which worships Godai Myoo.
The Goma Fire Ritual is performed on the 28th of every month. Everyone is allowed to enter the main hall during this time.



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