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Myouhou-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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This is the place where the great priest Nichiren first founded a herimitage called Matsubagayatsu Goshoan after he entered Kamakura from Awa(now southern Chiba preecture) to teach preaching.
A lore handed down to date identifies somewhere around here as the locality of the Matsubagayatsu Persecution during which the hermitage was set afire by followers of other sects criticized by Nichiren in his teaching including street preaching.
Later, Ryogon Maru (also known as Nichiei), a son of Prince Morinaga, built this temple to pray for the repose of his father and mother who died tragically and to protect the relics of the great priest Nichiren, and he made the mountain name Ryogonzan.
The main hall is stunning, made of zelkova wood donated by the Hosokawa family.
From the top of the mountain where there is the grave of Prince Morinaga, visitors have a sweeping view of the urban district an ocean.



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