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Myohon-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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The whole area around this temple is known as the Hikigayatsu Valley and was the site of the mansion of a senior vassal of Minamoto Yoritomo,Hiki Yoshikazu and his clan.
Hiki clan was destroyed entirely when the military forces led by the Hojo clan fought for the right to succeed the second shogun Minamoto Yoriie
Following that,the youngest Hiki Yoshikazu’s child Yoshimoto escaped the fight and became devoted to the holy priest Nichiren,and built the Hokkedou Meditation Hall on the land that had once been home to the mansion of the Hiki clan.
This is said to be the beginnings of the Myohon-ji Tenple
From April through to August, many flowers, such as cherry blossom, Chinese trumpet
creeper, Hall’s flowering crabapple, and fringed iris adorn the quiet temple ground.



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