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Kuhon-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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Kuhon representes nine modes of death.
They are granted to people who wish to go to paradise after death, depending on how they behave before death.
There are the three main modes of Jobon, Chubon and Gebon, and each mode has the three sub-modes of Josho, Chusho, and Gesho, which sums up to the total ofKuhon.
Yoshisada Nitta, general who led the offensive attack on Kamakura, built the temple in Zaimokuza after the Kamakura Shogunate went down to pray for the repose of the war dead on the Hojo side, the fallen enemy.
It is said that the letters, ”Dairisan” and “Kuhonji”, found respectively on ht temple gate and in the main hall were copied after the letters written by Yoshisada Nitta.
The principal image is three Amida statues.



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