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Edo era, the wife of the samurai of Tatsuki Matashiro suffering ill, I was dying.
Matashiro is, according to the revelation of Jizo Bodhisattva stood in Yumemakura, when passing a paper 10,000 were same mark the appearance of Jizo in the river, that the disease of the efficacy Atteka wife has recovered.
This is to be the beginning of “Mikage” that are distributed in the temple.
Then, when the Mori house maid has swallowed the needle, where it swallowed Mikage of Jizo Bodhisattva, the needle can be spit out, there is also a tradition that needle in Mikage expectorating had stuck, and “Togenuki Jizo” is the common name derived from this.
From there is that there is a benefit in improved healing of other diseases, worshipers are constant stream at the center for the elderly in search of its profits until now.



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