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Konchi-in Temple

Name 金地院 / Konchi-in Temple
Adress Nanzenji Fukuchicho86-12, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 606-8435
Hours Open 8:30~17:00
Admission Adult   400 yen
University  400 yen
High school  300 yen
Junior high school  200 yen
Elementary school  200 yen

more than 25 people more discount

ocated down a narrow lane about 40 meters before the main entrance to Nanzen-ji Temple, Konchi-in Temple is one of our favorite temples in this part of town. The hoi polloi usually rush right past it, intent on getting to the much more famous Nanzen-ji, and that suits us just fine. It’s got a superb karesensui (dry gravel “Zen”) garden that is the best example of shakkei (borrowed scenery) in the city – while the hills that form the backdrop to the garden lie well outside the temple’s walls, they appear to flow seamlessly from the bushes that form the backdrop to the grave garden.


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