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Kasho-ji Temple

Name 嘉祥寺(深草聖天) / Kasho-ji Temple
Adress Fukakusa Bocho71, Fushimi-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 612-0871
Hours Open

In the year 851, to honor the late Emperor Nimmyo , Emperor Montoku transformed the Seiryoden chamber (serene chamber) into a temple , bestowing upon it the name of the era (Kasho) in which the late Emperor had ruled.
The temple was later burned to the ground during the great uprisings of the Muromachi Period.
However , between the years of 1661 to 1673, in worship of the Shoten, the tempke was rebuilt.
Finally , in 1699 the main structure was erected upon an imperial sanction granted to the temple.


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