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Kashihara Jingu Shrine

Name 橿原神宮 / Kashihara Jingu Shrine
Adress Kumecho934, Kashihara-shi, Nara 634-0063
Hours Open Gate closing At the time of sunset, but, there is time difference a little by Seasons.
Admission Free

This shrine is located in the south eastern foothills of Mount Unebi.It was built in 1890 in what was considered to be the coronation site of Emperor Jimmu, who is believed to be the very first emperor of Japan.
The shrine is dedicated to Emperor Jimmu and the empress.
The main hall, of which a part had been relocated from the imperial palace in Kyoto, is an Important Cultural Property.
The shrine boasts a huge scale of 500 thousand square meters and the shrine grounds cover a forest and a pond.


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