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Kaminarimon Gate Sanja-Matsuri / Asakusa Tokyo

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Kaminarimon Gate

The Kaminarimon Gate(“Thunder gate”),standing at the entrance to the processional road leading to “Senso-ji”, is Asakusa’s most famous landmark.

Inside the gate on either side are enormous wooden statues of the protective Buddhist deities “Fujin”(wind god) and “Raijin”(thunder god), from which the gate gets its name.

“Fūjin”, literally the god of wind, is located on the east side of the gate, while “Raijin”, literally the god of thunder, is located on the west side.

Two additional statues stand on the reverse of the gate: the Buddhist god “Tenryū” on the east, and the goddess” Kinryū” on the west side.

The original gate was erected in 942 but burned down several times over the centuries.

The one standing today was built in 1960, donated by Japanese entrepreneur “Konosuke Matsushita” (1894-1989) who is a founder of Panasonic.


Nakamise Street

Arcade history’s beginning from formation of the Nakamise until now.

Nakamise is Japan’s oldest shopping streets.

Increases the population of Edo from opening the Edo shogunate Tokugawa Ieyasu, even visitors to the Senso-ji Temple further.

People near the precincts of sensouji-Sweeper’s role was imposed, as it grows, stores operating privilege was given grounds and on the approach.

It’s former, Kyoho in the beginning of the Nakamise (1688-1735) in and around said.


Sanja Matsuri (May)


Sensou-ji Temple / Asakusa Tokyo (Afternoon)

Sensou-ji Temple / Asakusa Tokyo (Night)


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