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Kameido Katori Shrine / Kameido Tokyo

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Hidesato Tawaratouta when masakado rebellion, subjugation used in theshrine Katori shrine and prayed for victory.
Turbulence can be pacified happily paid the bow and arrow as a thank you toGod, it was named Katsuya.
A successive Emperor, as well as warriors, including Minamoto no Yoritomoand Tokugawa Ieyasu, as well as famous martial arts training people byKatori was idolized as a God by devout reverence of many martial artist Chibashusaku narimasa, swordsman and a.
Turtle detached incense take shrine visited by many for winning and pray for success as the God of sports promotion.
“Katsumori” amulet, “luck bags” isvery popular, and after 1000 years now also Katsuya Festival protect are.


Kameido Daikon

Cultivation of Daikon(Japanese radish) in this district dates back to the years 1861-1684.

With its center around the area of this shrine, it had been abundantlygrown toward 1900s.

The fertile clay soil formed by the Arakawa River was just fit for its production.

Sown in fall to winter, the Kameido Daikon was harvested and shipped in early spring when the supply of fresh vegetables became scarce.

Root and leaves were all eaten as fresh tasty pickles and relished by all the Edoites.

Daikoku-shin and Ebisu-shin

Take water hurts where your body same place for Daikoku-shin and Ebisu-shin.
Heal the pain in your body.



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