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Kaizou-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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Kaizou-ji Temple is said to have been a huge temple called Shichidogaran during the Kamakura period, but it was lost to fire the command of Ashikaga Ujimitsu, head of the representative of Kanto region of the Muromachi Shogunate.
Shinsho Kugai was invited to serve as priest, and the temple prospered under the protection of Uesugi clan in Ougigayatsu.
There are many legends associated with this temple.
The founding priest Kugai is famous for the tale of “Nasu no Sessho-seki” or The Muederous Stone of Nasu tale.
The seated figure of Yakushi Nyorai in the butsuden iscalled Naki-Yakushi (weeping Yakushi) and Komori Yakushi(babysitting Yakushi) as there is a legend concerning the face of the Buddha embedded in its womb.
It front of the temple gate, is the Sokonuke(bottomless) Well. Where it is said that the verse “Chiyono’s bucket has no bottom, it cannot hold water, it cannot reflect the moon” was composed.
The temple is also home to the Juroku(sixteen) Well, where Kamakura period ruins are located.
There features have led some to call Kaizo-ji Temple the “water temple”.



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