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Jomyo-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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This temple was built by Ashikaga Yoshikane, a chief supporter of Minamoto Yoshitomo since he raised an army at Izu.
The founding priest was Taiko Gyoyu.
Gyoyu was a high priest, responsible for the conversion of Minamoto Yoritomo and Masako.
It is a Zen temple, the fifth highest ranked among Kamakura’s five principle temples.
During the Muromachi period, it was extremely large, with 23 other temples situated are the main gate, the main temple building, the reception hall, and the utility area.
The ceremonial teahouse “Kisen-an” and the Zen rock garden were restored in 1991.
Behind the main temple building, is the Kaamatari Inari Shrine, which is said to be where the name “Kamakura” is derived from



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