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Joei-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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When Nichiren was being taken around the city of Kamakura as a captive of the shogunate, he passed Joei-ji Temple on his way to be executed at the Tatsunokuchi gallows(located at Ryuko-ji Temple in Fujisawa city). Here it is said that an old woman gave him botamochi, a treat made from rice and sweet red bean paste.
This is how the temple got the nickname Botamochidera Temple.
A miracle saved Nichiren from execution due to religious persecution, and Joei-ji Temple still celebrates September 12 by distributing botamochi sprinkled with sesame seeds, the same treat given to Nichiren by the old woman.
The temple is busy throughout the day with visitors who come to receive these “lifesaving botamochi” as charms against bad luck.
The temple grounds are cozy due to an abundance of flowers planted all around it.



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