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Jochi-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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Jochi-ji Temple is ranked fourth among Kamakura’s Five Great Zen Temples, and its temple ground, surrounded by rich green vegetation, is designated as a national historical site.
At the foot of an old stone bridge in front of the main entrance there is the Kanro no I(Well of Sweet Dew), which is one of the ten wells of Kamakura.
Beyond the well is an impressive moss covered set of steps that leads up to the temple and at the top is an unusual temole gate with a bell tower.
The temple is enshrined with three seated Budda(from left to right, Amida, Shaka and Miroku) that are said to have been created during the Muromachi period and represent the past, present and future respectively.
Also, at a corner of the temple grounds there is a cave in which Hotei, who is one of the seven Gods of Fortune in Kamakura and Enoshima, is deified.
An image of Ksitigarbha and the “Sairaian Shuzo Kanjinjo(Temple solicitation)” and such items, which are designated as important cultural properties of Japan, are in the custody of the Kamakura Museum of National Treasures.



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