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Jakko-ji Temple

Name 寂光寺 / Jakko-ji Temple
Adress Kitamonzencho469, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 606-8352
Hours Open

This temple is belongs to the Kenponhokke sect of Buddahism and it is called Myosen-zan.
According to temple history, it was founded by Priest Nichien in 1578, its original name being Kuon-in.
It was first located at Muromachi-Demizu in Kamigyo ward, then transferred to Teramachi-Nijo in Nakagyo ward, and finally in 1708, to its present site.
The temple’s second head priest, Nikkai, was very good at Go, a board game played with black and white stones,
Learning the game from the master player Senya, he referred to himself as Hon’inbo Sansa, and none could rival him.
He was given the title of Master by Oda Nobunaga, a powerful feudal lord at that time.
Within the precincts, there are three graves; Hon’inbo Sansa, priest-and-master player, Sanetu, master of second-generation Hon’inbo, and Sanetsu also master of go, third generation.
The temple also houses a portrait of Sansa, and a Go-board made from a Chinese mulberry tree.
It was given to the temple by the Konoe, a powerful aristocrat family in the Imperial Court.


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