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Houkoku-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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This temple flourished as the family temple of both the Ashikaga and Uesugi clans.
Its founding pries was Tengan Eko (posthumous Buddhist name: Butsujo-Zenji) who was a representative of the Zen literary movement known as Gozan Bungaku.
Butsujo-Zenji was a high level priest.
He studied under the priest Mugaku Sogen, who was invited from China and who was the founder of Engaku-ji Temple.
He eventually traveled to China to continue his studies.
Collection of Buddhist teachings, written in his own hand, own personal wooden carved seals and other precious items are important National Cultural Properties and are housed in the Kamakura Museum of National Treasures.

However, what the temple is most famous for it its “moso bamboo” gardens, for which it is sometimes called “The Bamboo Temple”. Walking through this bamboo garden feels like being in a gothic church – it’s probably the most beautiful in Kamakura and will most likely take your breath away.


Houkoku-ji Temple Bamboo Garden / Kamakura Kanagawa


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