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Hoto-ji Temple

Name 宝塔寺 / Hoto-ji Temple
Adress Fukakusa Hotojiyamacho32, Fushimi-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 612-0885
Hours Open

This is a temple of the Nichiren sect know as Jinsozan.
According to the temple legend, it was constructed by Fujiwara Tokihira in 899 as Gokuraku-ji Temple.
Initially, this temple belonged to the Shingon sect, but Ryokei, the chief priest of the temple was devoted to the priest Nichizo, who was a leading disciple of the saint Nichiren.
Ryokei eventually brought the temple under the Nichiren sect in 1307.
The temple was renamed Hoto-ji Temple based on a stone memorial tower to the Lotus Stra built by Nichizo at the entrance to the seven roads leading to Kyoto.
One of these towers is enshrined in the temple’s Nichizo mausoleum.
The main temple building (designated an important cultural asset) was built in 1608.
It enshrines a statue of the principal image of the Buddha Jukkai Mandala Sakyamuni.
Images of Nichiren and Nichizo are positioned to the left and right of the statue.
The Tahoto, a two-story pagoda built before 1439, has been designated an important cultural asset together with Shikyakumon, the main gate.
The temple grounds contain the tombs of Soyu and his wife Myosho.
He was a noted doctor who treated patients suffering from tuberculosis.
The tomb known as “the husband and wife mound,” attracts those who believe the temple offers relief from tuberculosis.
Mt Shichimen, situated behind the main building, is the site of Shichimengu Shrine, which enshrines an image of Shichimen Daimyojin, who was deified in 1666.
It also affords a magnificent view.


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