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Honryu-In Temple / Asakusa Tokyo

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[Matsuchiyama Shoden]
Matsuchiyama Shoden is one of the subordinate temples of Kinryusan Sensou-ji Temple.
Its proper name is Matsuchiyama Honryu-in.
Located alongside the Sumida River and near the Takeya Ferry.
It was called a note place featuring a good view in the Edo Era.
Here there are many Nishikie prints of the EdoEra and poems by famous men of letters and painters like Toda Mosui dealing with the scenery of this place.
Its main building was destroyed in the Great Earthquake of 1923 and the Second World War, but it was rebuilt 1961.
Radishes seen in its compounds are known as the symbol of health and family harmony while purses represent commercial success.

[Bronza Hokyoin-to(Cultural Asset of Taito City)]
Hokyoin-to refer to Buddhist pagodas constructed based on a sutra called Hokyoindarani-kyo.
This particular pagoda has a roof style cover, popular after the latter half of the 18th century, making it very representative of the age it was built in.
According to the inscription carved into the foundation, it was built by the caster Nishimura Izuminokami in 1781, and was a donation by 16 fudasashi(rice brokers/users) in Kuramae.
The Nishimura Izuminokami was a family of casters that lasted for 11 generatiins.
This pagoda is thought to have been built by Nishimura V, Nishimura Masahira.
Hokyoin-to made of bronze are a rarity in Japan.
This pagoda is the only one in Taito city that has been preserved almost in its original condition.
It is marked by fine decorations on its various parts, and is an excellent example of the high level of skill of the caster.



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