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Himukai Daijingu Shrine

Name 日向大神宮 / Himukai Daijingu Shrine
Adress Hinoka Issaikyodanicho29, Yamashina-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 607-8491
Hours Open

Located in the north of Keage is a hidden power spot called Himukai Daijingu Shrine. It’s a part of Higashiyama mountainous area. Since the shrine is connected to Ise Jungu Shrie in Wakayama Prefecture. it is also called “the Kyoto Ise” by the locals.
The shrine is also known as the oldest shrine in Kyoto.
Himukai literally means ” Facing toward the sun ” which means that it is facing toward Ise. There is also a resemblance in the way structures are built.


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