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Gosho Shrine / Kamakura Kanagawa

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This is a shrine named Goshojinja, Go is five , jinja is shrine, sho is place, so it means five shrines out together in one place.
This shrine has five gods.
They are Amaterasuohmikami, Susano-no-mikoto, Ohoyamazumi-no-mikoto, Takeminakata-mikoto, and Sutokuin-no-mikoto.
Five shrines have put together in this place in 1908.
We had a great earthquake in 1923.
This present shrine was built in 1931.

Now this shrine has three Mikoshi which are god’s carriages, you are able to see them on the right side of this shrine.
We have a festival on the second Saturday of June every year.
We merrily carry Mikoshi at that day.
We have Mikoshi for children.
They like carrying Mikoshi very much.

We have a song named “Ten no uta”.
We sing this song when we carry Mikoshi.
There are so meny temples in Kamakura, because of so many fights.
They had used so many wood to build temples.
You see Hachiman-gu is very great shrine.
At that time they had taken many woods to the place where they built temples and shrines.
They sang Ten no uta during carrying wood.
But now we sing during carrying Mikoshi.
We will show you a part of the song ”The wood is coming in the violet water, now it is near the beach Za Arayoi , our job is a little more, we would like to take some rest together Yarekora .”

A stone statue is in this shrine.
That statue is a person who might be a Christian.
Someone gave a name “Oharu” to it.
She put her face to the heaven.
Her hands put together at the back.
She may come here to escape, because the authority looked for her at that time.(in 1597)
Mr.Tuchiya who manages the shrine made a cross which you see at the back of her.

There is a stone tablet with Buddhist text in this shrine.
It is called “Itabi” in Japanese.
It was made in 1262.
It is 136 cm high 42cm width.
It was cut that a dragon coils itself round the sword.



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