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Gokuraku-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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The temple was founded by Priest Ryokanbo Ninsho.
He leaned Buddhist discipline under the supervision of Priest Eison of Nara Saidaiji.
In 1262, he was invited by Naritoki Hojo to become the head priest of Taho-ji and was then received by Gokuraku-ji as its founding priest in1267.
It is said that Gokuraku-ji Temple was built in Fukazawa in 1259 and then moved to the current location by Shigetoki Hojo, who later became its founder.
The temple, in the event of the Mongol invasion attempts against Japan, performed prayer to make the foreign country surrender by order of the Imperial court and, even after the Kamakura Shogunate was overthrown, maintained the temple rank as Chokuganjo which performed prayer for peace and stability of the country by imperial command.
The pictorial diagrams long handed down in this temple show that the temple premise used to be huge and that the temple had a Shichido Garan Temple structure at the center, surrounded by many smaller temples, and medical facilities including a hospital as well.



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