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Gangyo-ji Temple

Name 元慶寺 / Gangyo-ji Temple
Adress Kitakazan Kawaracho13, Yamashina-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 607-8476
Hours Open 8:00~17:00
Admission Free

Gangyō-ji (元慶寺 Gangyō-ji) is a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, founded by the priest Henjō.
The Emperor Kōkō endowed the temple and the emperor Kazan abdicated in this temple.

Gangyō-ji was founded in the early Heian period.
877 (Gangyō 1): The temple is founded, and it takes its name from the era (nengō) in which it was first established.
986 (Kanna 2): The emperor Kazan abdicated in this temple. He renounced his throne and the world. Two courtiers, the chūnagon Yoshikane and the sachūben (左中辨 middle-level controller of the left) Korenari, decided to follow the former emperor’s example and became Buddhist priests themselves. After this, the temple was also known more popularly as Kazan-ji (花山寺 Temple of (Emperor) Kazan?).


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