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Daiho-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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It has been said that the neighborhood around here became the residence of the Satake family after Shinra Saburo Yoshimitsu, the ancestor of the Satake family who was an immediate vassal of shogun, quelled a war Ou, “Go Sannen no Eki,” together with his elder brother, Minamoto Yoshiie, and made a home.
After Satake Yoshimori, a member of the Satake family, entered the priesthood and built Tafukuji in 1399, Venerable Priest Ichijoin Nisshutsu of the Nichiren sect rebuilt it in 1444 and made its original temple name its mountain name to make the temple title Tafukuzan Daihoji.
On the temple grounds, there is Tafukumyojinsha where Yoshimitsu worshipped.
In addition,”Kosodate Kishimojin”, sho watchs the peaceful growth of children, is revered in the main hall.



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