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Daigyou-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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Originally this temple’s name was written using different Chinese characters, but it is said the name was changed to the current version after Minamoto Yoritomo held a battle strategy meeting at the temple, which led to his overwhelming victory.
Around the end of the Muromachi period(A.D.16th), the chief priest of this temple, Priest Nitto, held a memorial service for the wife of Akiyama Kageyu, who had died in childbirth, so that she may rest in peace.
From that time on, the principal object of worship at the temple has been the “Ubusume Deity”, the Goddess of Childbirth, which is said to protect women from the suffering of childbirth.
Today it is still visited by many worshippers praying for an easy delivery, and is known by the nichname”Onmesama”.



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