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Chousho-ji Temple / Kamakura Kanagawa

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After Priest Nichiren came back to Kamakura from banishment in Izu, he founded a hermitage in the residence of Nagakatsu Ishii, chich was the origin of this temple. It has been said that this temple was the predecessor of Honkokuji Temple in Kyoto.
After the title of the temple was transferred to Kyoto in 1345 during the time of Priest Nichijo, the temple was given the title of Sekiseizan Choshoji and so has its title been to date.

Among the buildings on the temple grounds, Hokkedo Hall is a prefecture-designated important cultural property. It is estimated that it was built at the end of the Muromachi period. In addition, the bronze statue of the great priest Nichiren has the Kamakura street preaching transcribed on it.

On February 11 every year, the temple gives a hard training program called Kokutoe where the followers have cold water splashed on themselves in a severe cold.



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